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In this section, you will find examples of Expert Advisor and instructions for uploading them to the Meta Trader 4 platform. The EAs that you will find below can be used on the Tester Strategy or on the Demo Accounts; On a real account do not give rise to any executed.

All Expert Advisor are been realized by software Trading Studio.

File Description Image of the Project in
Trading Studio
Bollinger The project strategy is as follows:

■ Buy when the price is below the lower line of Bollinger
■ Sell when the price is above the upper line of Bollinger
Cross Esponential Moving Avarage When the fastest exponential mobile media (Media Mobile1 - 15 periods) intersects the slower exponential mobile media (Media Mobile5 - 55 periods) from bottom to top, a buy is made. The sale is made in the opposite situation.
MACD filter ADX Performs operations based on the lines of the MACD indicator.

■ Enter long when the main line intersects the signal line from the bottom up.

■ Enter short when the main line crosses the signal line from top to bottom.

Buy and Sell transactions must be confirmed by the ADX oscillator under levels below 25.
Oscillator Bill Williams Performs operations to change the color of the Bill Williams oscillator.

■ If the oscillator changes from red to green, sell.

■ If the oscillator changes from green to red,buy.
Cross Price - Moving Avarage Operates on the basis of the closing price crossing with a moving average.

■ Enters long when the closing price crosses from the bottom up the moving average.

■ Enter short when the closing price crosses from the top to bottom the moving average.

Operations are performed at the birth of the candle after the crossing occurs.
RSI RSI is an oscillator that moves between 0 and 100, it is bought over-rated (under 30) and is sold over-bought (over 70).

PerTo enter an Expert Advisor or Indicator or Script, see the following guide:




This section provides useful scripts and a guide to how to install them on your MetaTrader 4

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